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Lilypond store?

From: Stewart Holmes
Subject: Lilypond store?
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 00:17:15 +0100

Okay... this may seem like a strange place for this, but it's seem the best place to put it in order to get attention/opinions.
What I'm proposing is some kind of a collaboration between Lilypond users to submit their scores to an online score (the scores being engraved from public domain sources, etc.). The money that is made from the sale of scores (either pdf/ly/both files) could then be distributed in 3 ways:
1) The upkeep of running the store
2) The creator of the score
3) The community
Number 3: A chunk of the money would go into a piggy bank of sorts, which would be used to, upon application, help fund sponsorship of Lilypond features.
That's me out... now let the shooting down commence (hopefully not).

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