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Getting LilyPond to wirk on Windows XP

From: Roger Hurst
Subject: Getting LilyPond to wirk on Windows XP
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 01:39:27 +0000 (UTC)
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I downloaded LilyPond 2.8.5 which I could not get to work.  I tried downloading 
2.9.12 last nite, which I had the same problems with.  On both I tried to make 
the instruction file appear on the desktop by saving it as C:\Program 
Files\  It did not appear on the desktop (which I assume 
is because it did not contain an icon). Besides the LP icon on the desktop, an 
icon My11249.. appeared.  I tried dragging & dropping this on the LP icon, but 
only another My11249.. appeared.  I went into the HDD to scare up both LP & 
this Welcome.. file, & dragged & dropped it onto the LP file (but obviously not 
the desktop icon).  An Adobe Reader PDF program was created, but I did not see 
any place where I could do any inputting on there.  Should I get LP up & 
working, I would be more than glad to sponser LP to the tune of 25 Euros as I 
have hundreds of ragged manuscripts I would love to put on Data CD's.  Please 

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