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Getting glyphs.

From: Doug Laidlaw
Subject: Getting glyphs.
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 18:12:37 +1000
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I have Lilypond installed under Mandriva 2006 from the RPMs available for the 

I can create Segno or Coda signs with Noteedit, but Lilypond seems to be 
unable to handle them.  An export from Noteedit to Lilypond inserts the 
following code for a segno "^\segno".  Lilypond complains about the ^, so I 
remove it, but the compilation still fails.

I keep seeing glyphs mentioned.  I have  a 
directory /usr/share/cups/data/psglyphs, an 
executable /usr/bin/composeglyphs , and a couple of Readmes under Freetype.  
Do I perhaps need more fonts?


Be wisely worldly, be not worldly wise.
   - Francis Quarles.

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