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Fixing a font size

From: Rick Hansen (aka RickH)
Subject: Fixing a font size
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 21:57:30 -0700 (PDT)

Is it possible to set a fixed font size for \markup that will NOT scale when
I change the value of set-global-staff-size?

For example the following still changes the title font size relative to

\header {
    title = \markup { \override #'(font-size . 12) "My Song Title Foo" }

You see I have a common template include file that is used to render many
songs... some songs set-global-staff-size differently based on best fit.  In
order to keep the whole song on one page, longer songs use a smaller global
size and shorter songs use a larger global size to make them easier to read.

But I would like the heading of each song page to remain at a fixed font
size and just have the music itself do the scaling.  Having all the headings
the same size looks more professional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated in how to set a fixed, hard,
immoveable font size on some markup.

Is it possible to maybe use a self-adjusting a math expression like this?

\override #'(font-size . (current-font-size + (12 - current-font-size)))

Then as current-font-size changes, the above formula will always render a
constant size of 12.  For example if current-font-size scaled to 15 then
15+(12-15)=12, or if current-font-size scaled to 10 then 10+(12-10)=12 also. 
If this is possible, how would I code the scheme?  Or will this not work?


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