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Re: Fw: Useful expressions

From: Ariel David Moya Sequeira
Subject: Re: Fw: Useful expressions
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 08:30:49 -0600

I have some:
Largo: very slow.
Adagio: slow.
Andantino: at walking speed.
Andante: at ease.
Moderato: not too fast, not too slow.
Allegro: fast.
Allegretto: in a gracious mood.
Vivace: very fast
Presto/prestíssimo: as fast as possible.
Tempo di menuett: between moderato and allegretto.
Grazioso: as far as I'm concerned, legato on fast notes (16th, 32th) and staccato on slower notes (whole, 8th).
Tempo di marcia: march style.
Agitato: with movement.
Poco moto: less movement.
Con fuoco: appasionately.
Con brio: with liveness.
Dolce: with a gentle mood, to press the keys softly.
There are many other, but I don't remember every single performance _expression_ in the music world.
Hope this help.
Ariel D. Moya Sequeira
a.k.a.: Arthur Reglay

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