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Re: creating my own glyphs

From: Guy Durrieu
Subject: Re: creating my own glyphs
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 15:42:02 +0200
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Jean-marc LEGRAND a écrit :
> Is there a way to create a symbol that doesn't exist in lily ?
> Actually, I'm stuck with this pb while engraving baroque music, even if I do 
> admit that huge
> improvement has been done since I began to use lily (bravo !). Especially 
> music for the viol. There
> are special symbols in Marais' pieces that I can't reproduce. Is there some 
> way to create the symbol
> or is it too complicated for non-programmers ? Is it possible to scan the 
> symbol, and insert it in
> the score ? etc... ?
> I don't know if my question make sense, but I've tried at least ...

I am interested in viol music too, and got the same problem. I did some
trials, and I think the problem is not only to create a new symbol
(tremblement, plainte and so on), but also to correctly set it in
relation to the note (but you know that, since your previous works with
Kühnel :-)).

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