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Indentation despite noindent

From: James Cownie
Subject: Indentation despite noindent
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:47:29 +0100

I'm using 2.8.6 on a Mac (in case it makes any difference).

I have latex code like this
Three part round.

{\sc \hfill Jacques Berthier (Taiz\'{e})}

   \include ""

However the music is still indented, as you can see in the attached pdf (I hope it gets through), which shows that the left hand side of the music is indented from the text set at the left margin.

The effect is also clearly visible in the .eps file produced by the music snippet. There is white space on the left of the image (which also leads to the music being too wide).

Any idea what I'm doing wrong, or how to fix this? (Again, this worked fine in 2.2.5).


-- Jim
James Cownie <address@hidden>

p.s. Thanks for assistance with titles, which, as you can see, I am now using.

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