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Backend EPS issue

From: Rick Hansen (aka RickH)
Subject: Backend EPS issue
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 18:34:59 -0700 (PDT)

V.2.9.22 fresh install after running uninstall of 2.9.21, on Win 2000... 

I've been encountering some issues using backend EPS output in my Word
processor documents and subsequent gs processing.  I am using the following
command options to create small musical fragments for inclusion in other

lilypond -b eps -dno-gs-load-fonts -dinclude-eps-fonts 

Here are the issues, some have work-arounds others don’t: 

1) When I include the lily produced EPS in my Word document, it just appears
as a blank rectangle (of proper size).  This is OK because when I actually
print the document, or "virtual print" it to a ghostscript virtual PDF
converter like CutePDF.  The EPS rectangle does print the music (beautifully
but partially) see next point.

2) The EPS rectangle contains the music however many "parts" are simply
missing, for example note heads are missing, but stems are there, ties are
there, but accidentals are missing, grace note heads are missing, clef is
present, as well as time signature and the staff symbol itself is there,
etc.  I have not documented all the "pieces" that are missing, but obviously
something is awry in the font-embedding to cause random missing characters,
I assume.

3) The third issues occurs when viewing the gs prduced PDF through Adobe
reader.  If I click on the area of the page where the EPS rectangle is,
Adobe says that it is attempting to "contact a web site" then gives a normal
file path to a path on the machine that created the original EPS.  I'm
assuming it's probably looking for the missing fonts?  When I click that
rectangle of music in Adobe Reader it launches a DOS window (maybe gs, don’t
know?), but the document does not change.  I would rather not see any click
behavior with a non-interactive PDF print document.

4) Finally if I take one of the backend EPS files created by lily and just
use ghostscript to convert it to PDF, the same issues (2 and 3) above still
occur in Adobe Reader.  I think this kind of eliminates MSWord as the
culprit.  I use CutePDF to convert Windows applications print output to PDF,
CutePDF is just a freeware "virtual printer" shell wrapped around gs,
"impersonating" a printer, then puts up a SaveAs dialog to save the PDF.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve these problems? 

I really like the output of using EPS over PNG for imbedding music into
other documents.  The quality of the EPS vs. the PNG is like day and night,
with the EPS being crystal clear, albeit missing note heads, and making
Adobe Reader act weird right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Or can someone possibly double-check
the code that does the font embedding to EPS for a possible bug related to
at-least the accidentals and note heads?  Or maybe a possible bug that is
causing Adobe to think it needs to reference an external URL in order to
render?  I will be glad to be your test case for any new code.

Are the fonts maybe hosed on my machine?  Is there any kind of clean up and
reinstall I should try first? 

Lily itself works fine otherwise. 


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