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Re: Scheme Question

From: Marcus Macauley
Subject: Re: Scheme Question
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 22:33:28 -0400
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Eduardo Vieira <address@hidden> wrote:

I don't know why this e-mail didn't make it to the Lilypond list, but, anyhow, have you ever checked the program FOMUS ( If you think of algorithimic composition and working with Lisp and Scheme, that might be interesting. Personally, Scheme and Common Lisp are still Greek to me, but I just came across that link and thought would be useful, as the program offers Lilypond and MusicXML output.

It looks very interesting, Eduardo. Thanks for the link.

While we're on the topic of Scheme/Lisp, does anyone have any recommended tutorials, especially for non-/novice programmers?

I've found these two resources to be helpful so far:

Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme

Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days
by Dorai Sitaram, 1998-9

...but I'm new to all of this, and would appreciate any suggestions.

The Lilypond documentation (Appendix B: Scheme tutorial) links to
, but that site doesn't reveal much online documentation.

(Maybe one of the printed textbooks --
-- would be useful? Any recommendations?)

Would documentation on Guile or Lisp be relevant? I'm not clear on what the differences are.

Thanks in advance,

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