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Re: Aligning instrument names

From: Thies Albrecht
Subject: Re: Aligning instrument names
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 23:34:15 +0200

Hi Trevor!

> This is somewhat arcane - anyone found a better way?
>      \set Staff.instrument=\markup {
>       \override #'(baseline-skip . 0)
>       \left-align { \column { \transparent AAAAAAAAA Solo } }
>      }
Here's what I do (I hope I'll remember correctly as I can't find a file 
containing it right now):

   \set Staff.instrument = \markup {
         \hspace #5.0
         "My Instrument"

You can easily adjust the space by changing 5.0.

Kind regards,
Thies Albrecht
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