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Re: The importance of a graphical interface.

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Re: The importance of a graphical interface.
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 17:33:00 +0200
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Actually I regard LilyPond as an engraving and not a compositing tool. So for my compositions and arrangements I use paper and pencil, a MIDI keyboard and a sequencer, but when I want a written copy, I transcribe it.

However, for copying it would really useful to have a graphical interface (it is a bit hard to do the transpositions from the written score in mind), but it need not be a full-blown graphical program, only a note-entry tool.


César Penagos írta:
Dears Lilyponders:
I'm a very in-love user of Lilypond, actually I have installed the 2.9.26 version. I'm attend to update my preferred music score program. For many times i sow in the user archives, people asking for a graphical interface. I thing there is a powerful reason. When you are "copying" a score, no matter with the instruments, or instrument colors in your orchestral score. Every musician knows what instrument will be the most appropriate for the voice that is writing. As the case as the composers that can try every instrument they want. The very real problems comes when you want to arrange a piece; and you need to see the balance of the instrumentation in your score. Every body knows that the simple way is to assign the first and second voices to the violins I and II, the third or tenor voice to the violas and the basses to cellos and contrabass. It is Ok for very small arrange using the strings, but when you add woods,and winds you must be carefully what you are doing if don't want undesirable result. If you don't take care of the balance in the use of instruments your score will sound recharged, very dense. For this reason you have to be alert whit your instrumentation, and I hope that in the very close future some of the very smart people in Lilypond team takes the time to construct an a graphical interface for your great program. When this happens Finale, Sibelius etc, etc, etc. Will have to close their companies, because nobody will buy their expensiveness programs. I don't know if is the nature of the program that can't permit an interface, but I'm taking the voice of all the people that really needs an interface to properly works in a score. An example would be the ABCedit editor from Prof.Coolgeem, is very nice and usable
Please!! consider this.


César Penagos.

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