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Re: which language for programming

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Re: which language for programming
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 16:31:10 +0100
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If you'd like to learn something that you can use in LilyPond activity I would suggest Java and/or the Java-like script language of jEdit, that is BeanShell. In BeanShell you can actually write anything that you can in Java, but can be more lazy. There are excellent Java Tutorials on the net, like If you can afford a 120MB download and have a computer with quite much memory, I suggest to download JDK 5.0 Update 9 with NetBeans 5.5 at

Java is a very powerful and versatile system (it's not just a language), and one of the current standards of enterprise application programming.

Now, here is an example of a macro written in Java/BeanShell used in LilyPondTool - it will set the score size. This will work only in jEdit with installed LilyPondTool, because it uses LilyPondTool's and jEdit's features. But you can see, that it's not too complicated.

firstAsset = lilytool.macrohelp.MacroUtils.getFirstAsset(view).start.getOffset()); // LilyPondTool finds the position of the first element in our LilyPond source file start=textArea.getLineStartOffset(textArea.getLineOfOffset(firstAsset); // we find the position of the first character of the first element
textArea.setCaretPosition(start); // set the current caret position at start
size=Macros.input(view, "Global staff size:", "20"); // get the required staff size from the user
if (size!=null) { // if something has inputted
text="#(set-global-staff-size "+size+")"; // this will be the text we write textArea.setSelectedText(text+"\n\n"); // we write the text into the text area textArea.setCaretPosition(start+text.length()); // set the caret position after the newly inserted text textArea.setSelection(new Selection.Range(start, start+text.length())); // select the text we inserted

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