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Re: which language for programming

From: Doug Wellington
Subject: Re: which language for programming
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 10:19:33 -0700

On 11/22/06, Nick Bailey <address@hidden> wrote:
Of course other good languages also exist (ruby was mentioned) but in
general one learns a language in order to communicate with others, so
Visual Basic and Applescript need not apply (unless you don't want to
talk to many other people!).

I'm not sure I follow you there.  (Maybe if you write it in python
I'll understand...)  ;-)

Why can't you communicate with others using VB and/or AppleScript?  I
would submit that it's easier to create a graphical application with
VB than just about any other programming language.  If you want to
communicate via windows, menus, buttons, etc, what's easier than VB?
(And heck, once you learn VB, you can leverage that to write scripts
in MS Office apps if you're so inclined...)

On the other hand, if you're trying to communicate with others via the
web, PHP might be the better way to program.

There's a reason so many different languages continue to exist...


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