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Music for the Martians?

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Music for the Martians?
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 20:29:09 +0100

On 23 nov 2006, at 3:10, Graham Percival wrote:

I think this is referring to people with 6-fingers. Typing e8_1 means "first finger"; typing e8_"1" prints "1" as a TextScript.

But what are martians and why are they playing my music? Shouldn't this message simply state that a 6 is a strange number to indicate a finger with?

Yes, but somebody was feeling creative when they wrote that code. :) What message do you propose to change it with?

I thought about that and I know that it is non-sensical to have 6 in there as a finger indication. But I decided to put it in and it is right to put it in for my purpose, otherwise it wouldn't be in. So I feel that this message can be safely removed from lilypond. Oh, and 2.8 didn't have that message and I did not confuse myself with six fingers either there ;-)

So please remove it, or if it is felt that it is a just message, please state that it something like:
Warning: fingering notation for finger number <n>.

where <n> is greater than 5, or 4 depending on the instrument being described. In guitar music, we normally only deal with four fingers as the thumb is at the other side of the neck. So here it would be appropriate to give the message at finger number 5. Since it's clearly instrument dependent, and lilypond doesn't know about the instrument that the music is intended for, it is a strong indication that you cannot tell when to display this warning. So this is in favour of removing it.


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