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Numbering exercises; overriding defaults; points for clefs.

From: libros
Subject: Numbering exercises; overriding defaults; points for clefs.
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 20:55:03 +0100

Good morning.


I am reading through the user pdf and writing a didactical work made of ca. 300 8-bar pieces in one stave. I want to put a serial number to each one, at its beginning, left from the clef. How should I do this?

Of course, I would prefer not to have to enter the serial number each time, if this is possible.

Overriding defaults:

I want all 4/4 and 2/2 time signatures written with the numbers, not with C;

all pages to contain 10 Staves (= 5 exercises of 4 measures each); and

disable the measure numbering.

Looking in the pdf, I found the way to override the C for one excercise, and how to break the page once. How do I do this for the whole document? I also found a command to override the measure numbering, but don't understand where am I to put it.

Also, I notice that only the F-clef has its two points; but I say that every clef should have them, like the Soprano and French Soprano clefs do in the big Bachausgabe. How do I put this necessary points to my clefs?



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