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proportional notation screws up score

From: Orm Finnendahl
Subject: proportional notation screws up score
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 14:55:01 +0100
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it seems proportional notation and the spacing is more broken than I
ever expected. I'm extremely frustrated (especially after I put so
much hope into lilypond) having spent 5 days to enter 12 lines
of music and now having lost 4 hours of work trying to space 4 lines
of music correctly (with the musicians waiting...).

I urge the maintainers of the documentation to put a warning in big
bold letters to the section of proportional notation (8.4.3) that
users encountered severe bugs in the spacing algorithm or maybe
skipping the section stating that lilypond is capable of proportional
notation altogether.

For anybody able to help I uploaded the score in question here:

To generate the score, "" has to be evaluated by lilypond. To
see what is wrong, you can simply change the expression
"#(ly:make-moment 8 99)" at the end of line 10 into #(ly:make-moment 8
100) and reevaluate. In my version (2.11.0-1) the first staff system
stretches out all the way to the right paper edge while being far too
short with the "99" setting. To get a feeling why this is so strange,
compare the output of a 98 to the output of a 99). But you can also
leave that line alone and change the next ly:make-moment into
different values to observe completely unpredictable results (it would
even be funny if I hadn't run into a severe time problem).

I'm completely at loss here and will probably have to resort to
non-proportional notation (which is less than suboptimal in the
special case of that piece) or go back to handwriting (after throwing
my computer out of the window).


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