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odd choral score problem

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: odd choral score problem
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 15:02:33 -0800

So, I'm creating a choral score and having some difficulties. First of all, I 
put everything in separate files because it's just easier for me to find errors 
that way, so posting music would be a bit difficult, I'll explain everything as 
well as I can.

I have "SopranoMusic" defined in its own file. I have "sopranolyrics" defined 
in its own file. I also have a sopranoscore file that puts the two together so 
I can see the output and check things before I start putting a choral score 
together. I have these files defined for all of my voice parts. And I also have 
an "open score" version file that compiles all of the music and lyrics together 
into an open score, and am just now creating a "closed score" version for my 
final version.

Each part creates a pdf that is perfect individually. The open score creates a 
pdf that is perfect. The closed score version has odd lyric placement issues 
after extended rests. These issues do not occur in the solo part versions or 
the open score version. Specifically, after a rest of more than a measure, the 
lyrics are shifted over. I don't really understand it. Is there something I'm 
missing. I just edited the choral score template from the 2.10 tutorial.

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