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Re: uniform-stretching

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: uniform-stretching
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 08:07:30 -0600

On 12/16/06, Orm Finnendahl <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Trevor,

thanks very much for getting back to me! I just downloaded and tried
it. Spacing seems much better controllable, but lilypond segfaults now
for parts of the score (it doesn't segfault in 2.11.0), so I can't
really tell until I've found out what causes the segfault.

There is one issue now: The time signatures are printed above the eps
graphics (instead of below) and aren't horizontally aligned anymore (I
haven't found out why they are doing it as they don't exactly follow
the contour of the top voices). Both, time signatures and eps graphics
are done using text markup. Has anything changed in the specs? It'd be
really painful if I had to do this all over again...

I can put the score somewhere but I first want to find out, what's
wrong. It's probably hard to isolate the problem to a short code
snippet in order to post a small example in the mail.

Hi Orm,

Glad the spacing issues have cleared up.

As for the segfaults, you've almost certainly got something "illegal"
in your input. I've had that happen before in the middle of a complex
score and there is a strategy you can use to find it. Start by cutting
the score in half. Just cut off the last half and rerender the first.
Still segfaulting? Then you know it's in the first half. If not, it's
in the last half. Keep the segfaulting half and then go back and halve
the thing and rerender again. And so on and so on. Kinda like a binary
search for input errors. In 7 or 8 minutes you'll probably have
narrowed it down to within a measure or two. (And then you'll have
something reasonable to post to the list.)

As for the time signature placement, I don't have much experience
here. You're wanting the time signatures to appear outside of and
above the staff, such that they take up no horizontal space in the
flow of the music (and thereby don't mess up the spacing), right? I
haven't tested this, but one possible strategy might be as follows.
Create your time signatures as markup (which it sounds like you're
doing now) and then attach the time signature markup to an invisible
voice containing only skips. Now that the proportional spacing is
working for you, that *should* guarantee that the markup positions
correctly in the horizontal direction.  Then it should only remain to
get the vertical position even by overriding 'staff-padding for the
appropriate markup grob in the with-block of that invisible time
signature voice.

Hope this helps.

Trevor Bača

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