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tuplet brackets attached to lyrics

From: Monk Panteleimon
Subject: tuplet brackets attached to lyrics
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 10:14:18 -0500


I wonder if anyone has a better way to do what I've done in snippet below, i.e. 
to attach tuplet brackets to lyrics in sections where notes are hidden. 
I had hoped to do this in \layout like this:
\layout { \context { \Lyrics \consists Tuplet_engraver } }
But it didn't work, so I tried adding
\override TupletBracket #'bracket-visibility = ##t
and that didn't help either.
Here's what I finally did.

\version "2.10.2"
\score { \context Staff << \relative c' 
                { \hideNotes g'4 
                \override TupletBracket #'extra-offset = #'(-.5 . -7)
                \override TupletNumber #'extra-offset = #'(-.5 . -7)
                \times 2/3 { g g g } g  
        \context Lyrics \lyricmode  {
        la4 \times 2/3 { la4 la la } la  
\layout{ ragged-last = ##t }

If there *is a way to get them to print as part of the \Lyrics context, I'd 
like to know about it.
By the way, the suggestions for spacing the ison-letters were both very good.
Thanks a lot.

Fr. P

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