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Re: Hiding empty staves

From: Manuel
Subject: Re: Hiding empty staves
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 18:39:59 +0100


I'm glad you liked it.

English is not my mother language, as you can see. So, thank you very much for all spelling corrections! As far as I can see, they are all quite right.

Am 24/12/2006 um 18:01 schrieb Pierre Abbat:

What OS are you on? I open a Kwrite window and type "lilypond" in a

I work with Mac OS X. I don't know what Kwrite is (what is your OS?) I have assumed - perhaps erroneously - than for all OS's it was possible to just "open a new LilyPond window". I select "new" from the "File" menu or press "command-n" and that's it...

You can, of course, change these and all other defaults, indeed you
can engrave old plainchat, contemporary notation, orchestral scores,
do MIDI files, and more. But all that lies further down the road. For
the moment, we will teach you how to engrave a simple melody.

sp: "plainchant". Or do you mean "plainsong"?

Ha ha! Plainchat would be a nice kind of chat, maybe. I meant the medieval monody like Gregorian. How do you name it correctly?

for the so-called "first octave", which is the octave inmediately
above and including the central c,  and two apostrophes:

sp: "immediately". "inm-" is Spanish.
In English it's called "middle C".

I never get that nm-mm thing right.

So, "middle C" it is.

To make a note one octave lower as it would otherwise appear, add a

sp: "comma". A coma is a form of unconsciousness.

Let's not get that far and put that extra "m".

or other, no less impotant clefs, like:

sp: "important"

Yes, don't get impotent, get importent.

\key (name of the tonica) \(major or minor)

sp: "tonic"

I would have thought of "Indian Tonic Cunnington" (know it?) But go ahead without an "a".

Now for the rythmic values.

sp: "rhythmic"

Rhight you are again. Give me a moment and I will correct it and then post it again.

Are you in Niue?


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