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Re: Hiding empty staves

From: Manuel
Subject: Re: Hiding empty staves
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 21:10:24 +0100


Thank you! I have now corrected wether to whether (how did this escape the TexEdit spell check?). I don't understand the "this or that" correction, I meant it in the sense of "something or other". Would you explain, please? Is the expression "is very probably" in bad english or are you encouraging more optimism?


Am 24/12/2006 um 21:02 schrieb Johan Vromans:

Manuel <address@hidden> writes:

The exercises you have done so far should enable you to write any
simple melody. As you are surely aware, we have not said anything yet
about tuplets, lyrics, polyphony and many other things. If you wonder
wether you can do this or that with LilyPond, the answer is very
probably "YES!"

wether -> whether
this or that -> this
is very probably -> is

Good work!

-- Johan

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