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Re: uniform-stretching

From: Orm Finnendahl
Subject: Re: uniform-stretching
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 14:17:41 +0100
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Hi Graham,

thanks for the notes.

Am 24. Dezember 2006, 05:48 Uhr (-0800) schrieb Graham Percival:
> >\acciacatura s32
> Do you mean
> \acciaccatura
> ?  When complaining about a bug, please include a complete example that 
> we can compile (or in this case, not compile).

I can't reproduce the error with a short code snippet. Han-Wen wrote
that he can't deal with larger files so I guess we have to leave that
unresolved until I found a way to reduce the problem adequately.

> >How is it possible to define something on my part in a way that it
> >doesn't break between versions? In the long run I fear that I have to
> >keep old hardware available in order to be able to run certain
> >lilypond/guile/gs... versions to correct older scores (I had to do
> >that with my Finale scores as well and it's a real pain).
> Read
> 4.1 Suggestions for writing LilyPond files

I did read that and incorporated those ideas into the source where
they applied AFAICT. In the special case I was mentioning the layout
order of Text markup did change for some reason between versions which
screwed up my score layout considerably.

I redid the organisation of the score by introducing new staff
contexts (with invisible staffsymbols,clefs and timesignatures) for
printing graphics and off-staff time signatures (which are declared as
Text Markup) above the actual music in a defined order. This seems to
be a more "lilypond" way to do things.

I'm planning to do some tutorial on how to get these things done after
finishing the score as I think it is a non trivial matter to typeset a
score with proportional notation, graphics for the electronic part and
such and it might save some time for someone else trying to do it with


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