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more than one TextSpanner

From: Tiago Morin
Subject: more than one TextSpanner
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:55:14 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm trying to place two textspanner over a voice. one of them down all over the
melody (pizzicatto) and another one temporarily for barre indication.
something like:

\once \override TextSpanner #'padding = #1
\override TextSpanner #'edge-text = #'("Pizzicatto " . "")
d8[\startTextSpan fis b d']

\once \override TextSpanner #'edge-text = #'("II " . "")
\once \override TextSpanner #'direction = #1
\once \override TextSpanner #'style = #'line
\once \override TextSpanner #'edge-height = #'(0 . 0.5)
\once \override TextSpanner #'padding = #1.5
\once \override TextSpanner #'dash-fraction = #'()
a8[ cis' e'\startTextSpan a']\stopTextSpan

d8[ fis b d']\stopTextSpan


I tried also to put the new spanner in a voice <<{ %spannerhere% }\\{}>> but the
spanner does not get the TextSpanner settings.

Thank's for your help.

Tiago Morin

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