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Re: Fixed Vertical Spacing

From: Robert Memering
Subject: Re: Fixed Vertical Spacing
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 13:48:21 +0100
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Am Montag, 19. Februar 2007 22:33 schrieb Trevor Bača:
> On 2/19/07, Robert Memering <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > is there a way to set the vertical distance
> > between staves of a system to a fixed value,
> > regardless of what happens (esp. Lyrics present/absent)?
> >
> > I think this could be done by setting the
> > vertical extent of the Lyrics to zero,
> > but as far as I understand this is not possible.
> Hi Robert,
> The trick is the line-break-system-details property of the
> NonMusicalPaperColumn grob. I've just put together a section of the
> docs for this, but it's going to take another week or two for Graham
> and I to correct all the typos and rebuild the docs.
> In the meantime, here's an advance copy of the new section in the
> docs, which I think will be 11.3.3 "Explicit vertical staff and system
> positions" once the new docs build.
> When you get to the alignment-offsets parameter, make sure to consider
> your lyrics as a "staff", as far as that setting goes.



thank you very much for the explanations. I already tried
fiddling around with the line-break-system-details,
and I am very happy that this level of control is finally
possible, but I think it is not the right thing for this
project in particular, because:

- My Score has 40 voices (Tallis, Spem in alium),
  so I have to specify the position of each of the 40
  Staves plus the Lyrics "Staves".

- My score has approx. 25 linebreaks (pagebreaks, actually,
  there are no real linebreaks), so this means I have to
  specify the positions of the Staves for every page:
  about 1000 times for the whole score.

What I need is some setting that says:
"This Staff (or Lyrics Line) is XYZ high. Always. Period."

Any suggestions for a solution or workaround?


Robert Memering
Arbeitsbereich Linguistik, Universität Münster
Hüfferstraße 27, D-48149 Münster, Germany
Raum 01.85, Tel. +49-251-83-31958

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