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Re: Importing PDF into Adobe Illustrator

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: Importing PDF into Adobe Illustrator
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:09:53 -0600

On 2/22/07, Michael David Crawford <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Again,

I'm still working on my CD jewel case insert.

I can now make a PDF in Lilypond that is the right size.  But I tried to
import it into Adobe Illustrator 10 for the Mac to position it on the
printed page - otherwise it gets printed in the middle, rather than
along the edge of the sheet, where I need it to match the outside of the
case insert that I previously designed in Illustrator.

When I place the PDF in my Illustrator window, I get this message:

    Missing Type 1 fonts have been substituted with the default font.

And the staves are thick, solid black lines.  Also where the noteheads
appear outside the staves they are thickened.  The overall effect is as
if someone tried to draw the score with a thick felt marker.

Is the some option that will fix this?  It seems to me that the score
wouldn't render in other programs if the font wasn't included in the
PDF.  Alternatively, could I install the Lilypond fonts in Mac OS X to
fix it?

Hi Michael,

I can't vouch for Illustrator, but I had very similar problems with
InDesign. The good news, is, however, that I did manage to get
letter-perfect output from InDesign ... after about 2 and half weeks
of figuring the following things out. All this is on Intel OS X box,

1. If you're working on a Mac, the most evil thing in this process is
that Apple's Preview application causes flat out weird stuff to happen
*if you open with Preview and then re-save with Preview*, say, for the
purpose of renaming your PDF. It's fine to *view* with Preview, but
under no circumstances should you resave your PDFs with Preview. If
you need to rename scores, just do so through the operating system.
(Of course if you're on Windows or Linux, this doesn't apply.)

2. Placing the file in InDesign worked fine (so long as I obeyed step
1), just using File > Place.

3. On exporting from InDesign, there was a very important detail. The
PDF created using File > Export > PDF did *not* work correctly on all
printers; the file would look OK on screen in InDesign but would
export with weird font problems in the LilyPond inserts (such as
gracenote flags displacing horizontally from the stems to which they
attach). The solution was to use File > Export > EPS from within
InDesign to generates EPSes, then open in Distiller with File > Open
to create the PDF. That always worked perfectly.

That was it. So the two most important points were to keep Apple's
Preview completely out of the pipeline, and to export from InDesign as
EPS (rather than as PDF).

If you don't have InDesign this won't help, but on the chance that you
have CS2 I thought I'd pass along the tips.

Trevor Bača

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