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Re: \flageolet too big

From: Martial
Subject: Re: \flageolet too big
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 11:13:45 +0100
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I don't find a solution to the `font-size' property
with version  2.8.8 or 2.10.19 and 2.11.19

but if you change the syntax it work good

F = ^\markup { \fontsize #-3  \musicglyph #"scripts.flageolet" }

The flageolet sign is too big for me -- this is both a matter of
taste and the intended purpose.

I tried to make it smaller, and I failed.  To be more specific, I
tried to define a shorthand \F which should behave similar to the
\flageolet command but printing the `flageolet' glyph at a smaller

How can I do that?  Note, however, that I'm not interested in a
solution which generally reduces the size of the Script grobs (this is
what I'm doing now because I couldn't find something better) since it
would have unpleasand side effects if there is more than a single
articulation sign is attached to the note head.

I would like to say this

  F = #(make-music 'ArticulationEvent
                   'articulation-type "flageolet"
                   'font-size -3)

but the `font-size' property has no effect, and I don't know how to
make this work...

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