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Re: \markup

From: Ole Schmidt
Subject: Re: \markup
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 20:38:36 +0100

ok, now I get staff lines, time and key removed... But I don't know how to align the note-symbol with the text (so that the symbol behaves like a letter and I can type text before and after).
Same problem in the second example where I use the Feta-Font
How can I align two elements of a \markup?



\markup { per il clarinetto { \score {\new Staff \with {
\remove "Time_signature_engraver"
\remove "Clef_engraver" \remove "Staff_symbol_engraver"
} {
} \layout { } } } }

\version "2.10.15"


\markup {{\musicglyph #"scripts.prallprall" }"= vibrato ampio"}

\version "2.10.15"


Am 28.02.2007 um 13:51 schrieb Mats Bengtsson:

Certainly! You can include a full \score{...} block in a \markup.
The main work is then to get rid of all the staff lines, time and key
signatures and so on, if you only want the note. I seem to remember
that there have been some such examples on the mailing list, though.
Maybe also in LSR.


Ole Schmidt wrote:
Dear list,

is it possible to have something like a trillspan and a (quarter-) Note with tremolo-subdivisions in a markup text?

thank you for help


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