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Re: chord and clef questions

From: rif
Subject: Re: chord and clef questions
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 10:24:30 -0500

> > 2.  Is there an easy way to only have the treble clef symbol and key
> > signature to only appear on the first line of each page?
> >
> Not if you want it fully automated. However, you can turn of the clef
> symbol
> using
> \override Score.Clef #'break-visibility = #all-invisible
> and turn it on again using
> \revert Score.Clef #'break-visibility
> so if you manually specify the page breaks using \pageBreak, it's easy
> to insert these commands at the appropriate places. For key signatures, just
> use KeySignature instead of Clef.

Thanks for this tip.  How do I get a bar to appear at the beginning of
each line?  I've tried messing about with manual \bar "|" commands, and
also with putting the melody inside a \Staff, but neither of these seems
to have any effect.



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