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How to supress Volta for "\new Staff"-sections // Chord name "bes" won't

From: Oguz Erden
Subject: How to supress Volta for "\new Staff"-sections // Chord name "bes" won't be interpreted correctly
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 14:35:07 +0100


I'd like to place volta brackets over the chord names as described in section "LilyPond Tips and Tricks" in documentation. Therefor, I put the "voltaOnThisStaff" property in my chords section - with success. But now I can't get rid off of the default staff voltas. I always end up with getting an error.
Besides, the chord "bes" won't be interpreted - the parser exits with "syntax error, unexpected STRING". Is this affected by "germanChords" - disabling didn't help either?

Hope I don't annoy anyone by posting two subjects in one mail. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

%staff section - where to put "voltaOnThisStaff"?:
staffVoice = \new Staff
%---> \with {voltaOnThisStaff = ##f}
\time 4/4
%\set Staff.instrumentName="Voice"
%\set Staff.midiInstrument="voice oohs"
\key f \major
\clef treble
\relative c' {
\context Voice = "melodyVoi" {
\repeat volta 3 {
\relative d' {r8 d8 d8[ e8] f8[ f8] e8[ d8] | e8 a,4. r2}
\relative e' {r8 e8 e8[ f8] g8[ g8] a8[ e8] | f2 r2}
\relative a' {r8 a8 a8[ b8] c8[ c8] b8[ a8] | g16[( f16) c8]( c2) r4}
\relative f' {r8 f8 f8[ f8] b8[ a8] g8[ f8] | }
\alternative {
{g'2 r}{g1 r}


%harmonies section - ok, besides the chord "bes" in 4th line:
harmoniesOne = \new ChordNames \with {
voltaOnThisStaff = ##t
\consists Bar_engraver
\consists "Volta_engraver"
\override VoltaBracket #'minimum-space =#0
\chordmode {
\set chordChanges = ##t
d1:m a
a1:7 d2:m c2
f1 c1
bes f2
g:m c4 a4

A: Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion.
Q: Why is top posting bad?

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