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Re: rest merging (willing to sponsor)

From: yota moteuchi
Subject: Re: rest merging (willing to sponsor)
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:39:38 -0400

i'm looking forward to seeing this feature implemented ^^


On 3/21/07, Arvid Grøtting <address@hidden > wrote:
2007/3/21, Mats Bengtsson < address@hidden>:

> I hope you have tried the workaround described in

While certainly usable, this workaround requires that I know which
voices I want to go to which staff, at least in the multiple-voice
staffs.  And it clutters the input.  Most importantly, it requires me
to manually specify something that Lilypond already knows.

That aside, I haven't tried it before now.  Now that I have, the
following sort-of works:

normalRests = {
  \revert Rest  #'direction
  \revert MultiMeasureRest #'staff-position

    << { \normalRests c4 d r c | R1 | r2 \voiceOne r8 f f4 } \\
       { \normalRests c4 c r b | R1 | r2 \voiceTwo r4   c4 } >>

...but requires me to know what voice I'm in.  I can probably work
around that and implement a \splitRests that sets these properties to
something dependent on e.g. stem directions, but it still clutters the

Anyway, I'm not looking for a workaround; I'm looking for automation
of common typesetting practice, and I probably have money to throw at
it too.



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