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Re: manipulate BarLine

From: Roland Goretzki
Subject: Re: manipulate BarLine
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:34:54 +0200
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Hello list, hello Kieren,

You wrote:

> >Using version 2.10.20 with piano staff I've tried to manipulate the
> >BarLine (in the attached file with #'transparent), but this has only
> >effect to the bar lines in the particular systems and not to the bar
> >line between the systems.
> Try
>   \once \override Score.BarLine #'transparent = ##t
>   \once \override Score.SpanBar #'transparent = ##t

Many thanks, this helps a lot! :-)

But only the second one must have "Score ...", the first one may have
"Staff ...".

Best Regards           Roland

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