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chord fingerings and octavation

From: Daniel Leidisch
Subject: chord fingerings and octavation
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 20:03:09 +0200
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this is my first post at lilypond-user. I am using lilypond since a
few days and there are some minor problems I could not solve yet:

I am trying to print four V-I progressions for an article on my

\version "2.10.0"

        \chords { g2:7 c g:7 c g:7 c:maj7 g:7.9.13 c:6.9 }

        \relative c'' {
                        #(set-octavation 1)
                        <g d'f b>2^\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"x;x;5;7;6;7;"
                        <g c e c'>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse 
                        <g b f' g>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"x;10;9;10;8;x;"
                        <c, e' g c>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse 
                        #(set-octavation 0)
                        <g f' b d>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"3;x;3;4;3;x;"
                        <c e b' e>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"x;3;2;4;5;x;"
                        <g f' b e a>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse 
                        <c e a d g>^\markup \fret-diagram-terse 

1. As you can see, the chord fingerings are crossing the octavation
bracket. What could I do about that?

2. Is it possible to have the fingerings at the same height? It looks
a bit jagged to me, I would prefer all the fingerings at the level of
the highest one.

3. How could I insert straight lines to show the voice-leading? I would
like to have a line from h to c in the first bar, for example.

I tried to read those up myself, but I could not find the solution.



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