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From: Ole Schmidt
Subject: sub-beaming
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 21:23:47 +0200

Dear all,

Is there a way to define the sub-beaming like in the first 2 eight notes in the example below (that the 32-Notes are grouped in 4) for a whole score or do I have to make it manually (like I did in the example)?
 Is it possible to predefine the subbeaming behavior similar to the
 "\set Timing.beatLength = #(ly:make-moment 5 8)" command?


\version "2.10.15"

rb = { \set stemRightBeamCount = #1 }
lb =  { \set stemLeftBeamCount = #1 }

\new Staff {

\relative c''
{ c32[ c c \rb c \lb c c c c] d[ d d d e e e e]



thanks for help,



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