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Fw: flying beam with crossing fingers

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Fw: flying beam with crossing fingers
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 14:41:51 +0200


thanks for reply. I don't use 2.11, since 2.10 is the "stable" version.

No, I didn't meant it. I want the melody to change to staff "upper", since
- the original (but badly readable) score has the same pattern
- it shows the melody clearly as an arpeggio played with both hands.

I stripped down my first example to show the problem clearly and probably to isolate the error. Now I wanted to give you an idea of the environment with some measures before and after the problem with some additional measures. I found a solution. You find the working file attached. The flying beam occurs, when you change this line

  | b,16 d g  r8. \change Staff=lower g,16 b e r8.

to this one

  | b,16 d g  \change Staff=lower r8. g,16 b e r8.

This staff switch is used at several places. But it lets the beam fly only
at this measure. As mentioned above the \change Staff elements are
necessary. Is this a bug fixed in 2.11?

Best regards, Helge

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