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Re: Java, was: etf2ly

From: Damian leGassick
Subject: Re: Java, was: etf2ly
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 14:04:29 +0100

if you use a virtual linux i'd recommend looking at rosegarden for a gui - it has good .ly export features


On 26 May 2007, at 11:11, Helge Kruse wrote:


I downloaded LilypondTool as well as JEdit. But JEdit requires Java Runtime, that I avoided as long as possible. I think the programmers of LilypondTool and JEdit have done a good work, but I cannot see it without this ugly Jave Runtime Einvironment JRE 1.3.

At the sun web site I found a lot of Java Studio and at lot of other tools or componets like Java EE, Java SE and so on. But no JRE 1.3 has been seen. And I fear that I cannot remove this Java thingee, if I want to.

Now I try to setup a Linux in a virtual machine like "colinux". Hope I can get easier rid off it, if I like.

Best regards, Helge

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