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Re: Getting Started

From: Damian leGassick
Subject: Re: Getting Started
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:44:39 +0100

hi bridget

lilypond isn't a program with icons and menus and the rest, it's more like a simple programming language.

you write lilypond files (text) with a text editor and the lilypond 'program' acts on the instructions that you write in that textfile, resulting in printed music.

there's a tutorial available on the lilypond site - once you're a few examples into it, things will seem clearer


On 25 May 2007, at 15:36, bridget fox wrote:

Hello, I followed all the instructions, and have received the part saying

Welcome to LilyPond

Congratulations, LilyPond has been installed successfully.

Now to take it for the first test run.

  1. Save this LilyPond file on your desktop.

2. Pick it up from the desktop with your mouse pointer, drag and drop
     it onto the LilyPond icon.

  3. LilyPond automatically produces a PDF file from the musical scale

4. To print or view the result, click on the newly produced file called


That's it.  For more information, visit .

  title = "A scale in LilyPond"

  c d e f g a b c

\version "2.10.0" % necessary for upgrading to future LilyPond versions.

But, now I can't seem to get into the programme - I have all the symbols on my desktop, but none of them gets me any further than the above. PLEASE HELP!!!

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