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Lilypond-LaTeX + a4 paper size problem in TeXShop

From: Adam Good
Subject: Lilypond-LaTeX + a4 paper size problem in TeXShop
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 23:14:22 +0200

Hi, I just did some updating of my computer, since then I've had to re-install apps like Lilypond + TeXShop with Lilypond-LaTeX . Thought that would go smoothly but I'm now getting weird things with paper sizing.

I'm running:
OSX 10.4.9 (just upgraded from OSX 10.3.9)
TeXShop version 1.43

something as simple as this:


blah blah blah di blah

...will give me a4 paper size when i use the LaTeX engine but when I use Lilypond-LaTeX.engine i constantly get letterpaper size in the output. I never had that before with my last setup, was always getting a4 by default somehow.

Can anyone help?

btw i've been to Nicola's page:

and the page gives a "Bad Gateway" so I can't hunt around for some part of the installation I may have missed.


Adam Good

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