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Re: lyrics free from notes

From: David Rogers
Subject: Re: lyrics free from notes
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 22:26:18 -0700

On Jun 3 2007, at 19:41, Alan Jones wrote:

I need a way to specify which beats the words of my
lyrics fall on independent of the voice that they are
associated with.  In the attached example I have
three words that I want on the corresponding beats:
one, two, three.  However, because the voice has a
half note for the last two beats Lilypond overlaps the
words 'two' and 'three' -- even though I've tried to override
by placing length numbers after every word.  I do want
the words to follow the music, for example if some
accidentals move the horizontal placement of the beat, etc.
Thanks for any help!

Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you sing this? Is it sung lyrics we're dealing with here, or something else?


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