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rest position, polyphony

From: Germain G. Ivanoff-Trinadtzaty
Subject: rest position, polyphony
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 16:46:39 +0200

I'm setting polyphonic vocal music.
Same noteheads from different voices are engraved on the same place. This is ok.
Same rests are not. Bad for me.
\version "2.11.22"
TenorOneNotes = \relative c' { c4 d e a, | d2   r }
TenorTwoNotes = \relative c' { a4 b c a  | gis2 r }
  \new Staff
   \clef "G_8"
   \set Staff.instrumentName = \markup{ \column {"Т1. " "Т2. "} }
   \new Voice = "T1" { \voiceOne \TenorOneNotes }
   \new Voice = "T2" { \voiceTwo \TenorTwoNotes }
  \layout {} 
To have rests printed on the same place, I modify source notes in this way :
TenorOneNotes = \relative c' { c4 d e a, | d2   b\rest }
TenorTwoNotes = \relative c' { a4 b c a  | gis2 s }
This is not convenient for me, because it prevents to produce different versions of music (ex: swapping 1st and 2nd voice).
Would you know another way to get rests merged without introducing layout tricks in the music ?
Thanks in advance
Germain G.I.T.

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