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Re: indent of eps files with lilypond-book

From: Dominic Neumann
Subject: Re: indent of eps files with lilypond-book
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 23:27:56 +0200

hi seb,

have a look at marcus brinkmanns project he published recently.

He creates an environment called "song" which does the job for you.

 % The -13pt is the first X coordinate of the bounding box in the EPS
 % files generated by lilypond.  The effect is to align the staff with
 % the left margin, ignoring the measure numbering.
 % Because lilypond wraps the score sheet in a block ``{}'', the
 % stanzas following are separated by some extra white space.  Rather
 % than trying to battle this (how?), we just skip back up and go on.
 % The -20pt is somewhat arbitrary and unrelated to the above -13pt.
 % Note that also for whitespace reasons we have to add footnotetext
 % instructions inside the song environment.

then u say


or something else.

now i use this also within my songbook and it works good. maybe you
have to adjust the above value of 13pt to another one. I set it to
15pt ...



2007/6/13, Sebastian Menge <address@hidden>:

how can i set the indent of eps files to zero with lilypondbook and

music fragment options "noindent" or "indent=0" dont work.

option --padding=0 of lilypond-book is not supported by 2.10.5 (though
the docs say so ...) (I'm using ubuntu feisty)

To make things more clear: the indent is the eps-graphics, and the
bounding boxes are aligned correctly, so it's not a latex problem.


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