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Re: LilyPond Odd Jobs (mostly docs)

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: LilyPond Odd Jobs (mostly docs)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 00:49:05 +0300

2007/7/13, Graham Percival <address@hidden>:

Lilypond Odd Jobs

Thank you Graham.

- create example for automatic accidental examples that demonstrates

OK, I'll take this one.

- special markup command examples (note head styles, rotation, etc:
complicated stuff to show off some possibilities).  Maybe as LSR instead
of manual.

To everyone who would like to take it: please check
first, and improve existing snippets if necessary
(for example check if they are located in the relevant category).

- document (manual or LSR) adding command-line arguments to lilypond scores:

- document (manual or LSR) adding arguments to \include:

- document (manual or LSR) first/last page header commands:

- document (manual or LSR) multiple tags:

- prettify the main "snippets" page of the docs.

- check manual for current correctness (does it make sense, is the info
up-to-date, etc)

Absolutely! This is a (crucial) task everyone can do!

- verify anything in the "bugs" sections
- standardize # signs

- avoid future tense

[OMG... I think I've used it many times in the French translation... :-( ]

- go through ly/ and add a doc string to every
function listed.
- Some type of doc that outlined the lexical construction of Lilypond

This seems to be a quite complete list.
Graham: Since you haven't pasted the link (yet) in this thread, let me
do it for you:

Anyone can add new snippets to the LSR, but it requires special rights
to modify existing snippets. In such a case, please send me your
corrected snippet,
or if you prefer, assuming the snippet you corrected was

Writing music with LilyPond

copy it and post it as a new snippet, entitled:

Writing music with LilyPond [corrected]

I check for new snippets everyday, so the first one will soon be
replaced with yours.

Suggesting concrete Documentation improvements is very easy, and this
will make LilyPond an even better software, so please help us!


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