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Re: Copyright symbol / corrective message

From: Ledocq-Boccart
Subject: Re: Copyright symbol / corrective message
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:59:20 +0200
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Hi César,

I have verified the given information and ...
correct reference for the character is not ASCII standard but Microsoft Character Table;
The alt 184 code hereunder is valid for PC's running on Windows operating systems
the alt 0169 gives the same result (and this is from ASCII character and also ANSI character standard)
Another way to get © by copy and paste action : that table is located within Windows at Start - Programs - Accessories -  System tools - Character Map ( After selecting a font, double click the desired character(s), click on Copy, return to your document and paste ).

If you run a Mac or Linux, I cannot tell you.

I apologize for giving a wrong reference.
Much success!

Ledocq-Boccart a écrit :
PS: the key Alt lays at left from space bar on the PC keyboard;
     while holding pressed the key Alt, typing 184 on the numeric pad keyboard will produce ©
Ledocq-Boccart a écrit :
Hello César,

Using ASCII characters, i.e. holding key Alt while typing 184, you will get the © symbol.

\header {
   title = "copyright symbol"
   subtitle = "how to"
   composer = "César"
   copyright = "© César"

César Penagos a écrit :
Dear Sirs:
Can you tell me how ca I put a copyrigth symbol under the copyrigth section, in titles?c I mean \header{
title = ""
composer = ""
opus = ""
copyright= "symbol I need"
Thank You In advance

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