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Re: new dynamic sign

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: new dynamic sign
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 13:56:31 -0500

On 7/24/07, Siska Ádám <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to create a new dynamic sign for 'attacco impercettibile'
(this can be found for example in scores of some spectralist composers,
like Gérard Grisey). This sign is supposed to be something like a
striked circle, like the character ɵ or ø character, and it means
something like 'zero volume', so if it's at the beginning of a
crescendo, you should start playing from absolute stillness, and if it's
at the end of a decrescendo, you should make the decrescendo until total
still. For this, I tried the following code:

zeroDyn = #(make-dynamic-script "ø")

This works, but the output looks quite awful, it would be better to use
some other character font and/or make the character to be smaller. But
if I change the "ø" to (for example) "\roman ø", I don't get the desired
How can I set the font type and/or size used to create the dynamic
symbols with make-dynamic-script?

Thank you,

Hi Adam,

Have you looked up the circled-tip attribute of the Hairpin grob in the manual?

We put that in for the dal niente sort of thing you're talking about a
year ago or so. I think Erlend did the implementation, and it gives
very good graphic control.

You won't, however, be able to get the null-style slash through the
circle, IIRC. But maybe you can do without and look like Sciarrino
instead of Grisey?


Trevor Bača

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