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Re: grace note leading to chord [ solved ?]

From: Gilles THIBAULT
Subject: Re: grace note leading to chord [ solved ?]
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 14:59:16 +0200

When I implement this I get the following warning: "warning: ignoring too
many clashing note columns".
Is there any way of receiving the appropriate output without the warning?

It is this message i get when i simply transpose our first basic exemple :
with  \acciaccatura b'8  < e' g' c''>4       :  no warnings
with  \acciaccatura b''8  < e'' g'' c'''>4    :  warnings


\version "2.10.25"

\new Staff {
                   \acciaccatura b''8
                       \once \override NoteHead #'X-extent = #'(0.0 . 0.0)
                   \hideNotes c'''4  \unHideNotes
               < e'' g'' c'''>4


I could not find a way to avoid it.

Furthermore, is there going to be any development to make this easier to do
in future versions of lilypond?

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