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Re: closing bar lines - spacing and display issues in 2.11.28

From: Charlotte
Subject: Re: closing bar lines - spacing and display issues in 2.11.28
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 05:16:41 -0700 (PDT)

>I'm getting various problems with my closing bar-lines, as demonstrated in
the code attached below. If >you compile it you'll see that:

>i) the closing bar of the choral section is far to close to the last notes.
I've tried overriding all kinds of >BarLine properties, including
extra-offset and spacing-alist, but can't get anything to do what I need.
I'm >getting this same error in various choral sections throughout my score.
Two are okay, eleven are not and >I can't work out what the common feature
is for the ones that are okay! It seems to be predominently >final bar-lines
causing the problem - bar-lines internal to the choral sections are mostly
spaced just fine, >although there are some which are too close to the
preceeding notes. <snip>

Update: I think I've discovered what was causing this, thanks to another
post I chanced across on here:

I'm also using \include, and as soon as I put \override
Timing.SpacingSpanner #'packed-spacing = ##f into my \global (so that it
only applied to the modern notation settings) the spacing issues with my
final bar-lines sorted themselves. Of course, that's left me with a few
other spacing issues...

>ii) the 'finalis' in the first cantor line appears more like a final double
bar (a thin and a thick line) but the >second 'finalis' is okay. What's
going on and how do I make them all okay?

>iii) the staff lines extend beyond the 'finalis' for the second cantor
line. Again, what's going on, and how >do I fix it? 

>I also have another problem, for which I've not provided code because I
don't have time to create a >minimal example. In the longer choral sections,
all my bar-lines are different weights, varying between >very heavy and
medium. I'd prefer them all to be medium. What do I need to tweak to set

Still got all these problems (even on the print-outs) but at least one
problem is solved!


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