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Re: Autobeaming problem in 12/16

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Autobeaming problem in 12/16
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 19:21:48 +0100

On 8/31/07, Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> \version "2.11.30"
>> \paper { ragged-right = ##t }
>> \relative { \time 12/16
>>     #(override-auto-beam-setting '(end * * 12 16) 6 16 'Score)
>>     c'16 c c c c c c c c c c c  %correct autobeaming without subdivision
>>     \set beatLength = #(ly:make-moment 3 16)
>>     \set subdivideBeams = ##t
>>     c16 c c c c c c c c c c c  %autobeaming breaks down, subdivision
>> incorrect for first beat
>>     c16[ c c c c c] c c c c c c  %works, but would rather avoid manual beams
>> }
>> Is there something I'm missing here?
> It's a bug, as far as I know.  `subdivideBeams' ruins autobeating,
> among other things.  Will provide a bug report as soon as I have more
> time.
I recall some related problems reported on the user mailing list
recently, where
you do get subdivision even though subdivideBeams is set to false.

Ah yes, I've just found your post in July, Werner, "unwanted beam subdividing".

I'll just make do with the manual beaming for the time being.


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