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Re: sunday school songs

From: Tim Litwiller
Subject: Re: sunday school songs
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:49:13 -0500
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I have my .ly file at home. I'll have to wait till I get there this evening to send you an example.

Ralph Little wrote:
I had a bit of a fiddle and came up with the following which produces pretty much what you want, but I'm not really happy with it.

It uses chords instead of \partcombine which would make note entry a lot easier. If someone knows how to tweak the operation of \partcombine so that some notes could separate with different "flags" (where you have indicated) that would make it a lot easier to do I think.

Hope this helps... P.S. I did this using 2.11.32 which is the version I'm using at the moment.

BTW, do you have an example of the natural sign problem that you were having?


\version "2.11.32"
\include ""
\header {
   title="Fishers Of Men"
   poet="Harry D. Clark"
\layout {
   indent = #0

PartsTop = {
   \key f \major
   \clef treble
   \relative c' {
       <f c>4 <f c> <f c> <g c,>
       <a f>8 <a f>4 <<gs8 \\ f8>> <a f>2

       <g e>8 <g e>4 <fs ds>8 <g e>2
       <f c>8 <f c>4 <d bf>8 << c2 \\ c2 >>

PartsBottom = {
   \key f \major
   \clef bass
   \relative c' {
       <a f>4 <a f> <a f> <bf f>
       <c f,>8 <c f,>4 <b c,>8 <c f,>2
              <c c,>8 <c c,>4 <c c,>8 <c c,>2
       <a f>8 <a f>4 <bf f>8 <a f>2

\score {
   \new Staff = top
   {           \new Voice = "1"
       \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'()
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "1" { \set stanza = "1. " I will make you fish-- ers of men fish-- ers of men fish-- ers of men } \new Lyrics \lyricsto "1" { \set stanza = "2. " Hear Christ call-- ing Come un-- to me Come un-- to me Come un-- to me }
   \new Staff = bottom
   {           \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'()

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