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Re: String numbers

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Re: String numbers
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 17:58:23 +0200


I have the opposit problem. Lilypond will put string numbers on notes in chords. But I dont want them. How can I suppress them in this example?

\version "2.11.32"

melody = \relative c'' {
\key d \major
\time 4/4
b8 d,, b' g  <a\4 cis\3 e\2 a> a' e\2 cis\3 |

bass = \relative c {
g2 d |

\score {
 \context Staff = Guit
  \clef "G_8"
  \new Voice \melody
  \new Voice \bass
 \context TabStaff = Tab
  \override TabStaff.Stem #'transparent = ##t
  \override TabStaff.Beam #'transparent = ##t
   \new TabVoice \melody
   \new TabVoice \bass

By the way, this example generates some warnings, I dont understand: Warnung: zu viele kollidierende Notenspalten werden ignoriert


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Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 7:33 PM
Subject: String numbers

Got it!

LilyPond will happily put string numbers on notes which are part of a chord, but doesn't think it's worth while doing for single strings. But when you get into the more arcane areas of arranging for plectrum- played instruments, it can actually make a difference to have fingering and string usage made explicit. Is there a workaround, or is this something which has to be implemented?

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