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Reduce space between notes

From: mojocojo2000
Subject: Reduce space between notes
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 16:36:22 -0700 (PDT)

I seem to be having trouble reducing the space between the breve/longa and
other notes,  For example this command - \[ g\breve e\longa \], leaves a
huge space after it.  I've tried messing around with notecolumns and such,
with no success.  My source code is below, so if anyone has some helpful
advice that would be great!


\sourcefilename ""
\version "2.10.29"

\new Score 
     \new MensuralVoice  = "discantus" {
                \clef "petrucci-c1" 
                \time 3/2
                \relative c' {
                g'\breve \melisma a1
                \[ g\breve e\longa \] f1 g2.\melismaEnd 
                f4 \melisma g2 \melismaEnd a1 g4 f e1.. \melismaEnd
        \new Lyrics \with {
                fontSize = #-2
            \override StaffSymbol #'staff-space = #(magstep -6) 
        \lyricsto "discantus" {
                Sanctus sanctus

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