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Re: GDP: add "extender line" to the glossary?

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: GDP: add "extender line" to the glossary?
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 10:03:24 +0100 (WEST)

> From address@hidden  Wed Oct  3 09:34:56 2007
> > Something like "melisma line" would be more unambiguous...
> Yes, it would be unambiguous ... but should we take that to its logical
> conclusion, and make up new terms for each new task that we assign to our
> simple "extender line"? Or should we simply say (paraphrasing Dr. Byrd):
> 'Extender line: a line of arbitrary length that extends some text, used in
> many contexts. For specific uses:
> * In vocal music, see "Melisma"
> * In figured bass, see "Figured bass extender"
> * In string music, see "String indicator"
> * In etc. ..., see etc. ....'

Really, I shouldn't have replied to a thread which I caught in the middle...
I see you have given quite an amount of thought to it.

I was not seeing that you meant to use the term in its full genericity. I quite
like the idea of a generic extender line applyable to technique indications,
expression indications, perhaps also to say "play these notes repeatedly until
that point"...
Really, a music notation program must be just as flexible as a drawing program,
to allow people to print whatever they want independently of the fact that those
who did the program understand/predicted the meaning of a particular sign
(that's the opposite of a MIDI sequencer, which must understand everything).

So, extender line for the generic concept is great.
You have my vote.

Miguel Ramos
(Sorry, I messed my mail address, I use specific addresses for lists, in
this case, address@hidden)

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